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PART I Writing

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on online dictionaries. You can start your essay with t阿卡索外教网www怎么.123peiyin样这个.点评com很专业he sentence ”Online dictionaries are becoming increasingly popular” . You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


As the mobile devices get developed gradually, more and more people regard online libraries as their first option. However, people hold different views on the e-libraries. Some believe it is quite convenient for us to read online while others oppose it, for they think it can never be as good as brick and mortar libraries.

In terms of the advantages of online library, it is more accessible than the real libraries. Simply take out your mobile devices, and sign in the library, you can borrow the book you want to read. It saves you the trouble of transporting yourself to the library, and lifts you from the toil of carrying the heavy paper books. Besides, you can get notices from the e-libraries which remind you of the expiration date so you will never forget to return it.

However, online libraries do have some demerits. For instance, you always need a wi-fi connection to activate it. If you are in some place where wi-fi is not available, online libraries will no longer work. But a paper book will never fail you. Besides, reading online means you are more easily to be distracted, while it is the physical libraries that provide you a tranquil environment for you to focus on your reading.

In a nutshell, online libraries are designed to ma通过上面的分析,我想现在家长们心里已经比较清晰明朗了!530910f92e1415f1975968b14e564f07如今的线下的少儿英语培训班,儿童英语培训机构,大多都受应试教育的影响ke reading more convenient. But sometimes readers cannot make the best of it. Therefore, it is we readers ourselves who should take the advantage of the online libraries and make it a helper for our life.


Online dictionaries are becoming increasingly popular. We can see lots of students consulting different online dictio- naries in their computers or other portable digital devices instead of taking out a very cumbersome book and looking up a certain word in millions of vocabularies. What a fanta- sitic age it is!

The reasons why we enjoy online dictionaries lie in the fol- lowing three respects. To begin with, looking up a word in an online dictionary can save us plenty of time. Further- more, consulting online dictionaries is so convenient for us I that we can effortlessly and rapidly find the exact vocabu- lary we need through just several taps at the keyboard. Be-p sides, online dictionaries can normally be updated timely.

All in all, online dictionaries are one of the greatest inven-- tions in the modern world. We can not only enhance our ef- ficiency of aquiring knowledge of words but also promote the widespread use of a language.

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